3 Ways to Amplify Your Engagement Photographs: A Winter Lifestyle Session with Nikki and Garth

Cecily and I have wanted to hold an engagement session on a local mountain for a long time. So, when Nikki and Garth told us that they love to snowshoe in North Vancouver, Cec and I exchanged a secret psychic-high-five. By the end of our Lifestyle Consultation, all four of us were excited about adding a snowy element to the shoot.

The Lifestyle Session began at Capilano University, where we had fun incorporating Nikki’s props and making whimsical invitation photographs. We then left to find our winter wonderland on Mount Seymour.

Greeted by an icy chill and buckets of snow falling from the sky, I was concerned that mother nature wasn’t on our side. Snow was literally piling up on my lens! Thankfully, everyone came prepared and we were able to get all the looks we were after. Scroll down to see a few photographs from our day on the mountain (the last snow angel sequence is my favourite). Also learn 3 Ways to Improve Your Engagement Photographs at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Nikki and Garth for being such great muses! Here are a few lessons these two love birds can teach you.

3 Ways to Amplify Your Engagement Photographs

  1. Personalize your environment: Nikki and Garth find Mount Seymour meaningful—what locations are special to you? Think about where you met, where you spend your weekends, etc.
  2. Involve props: Thoughtful props can take your images from average to memorable. If you’re crafty then go DIY-crazy—I recommend searching Pinterest for inspiration. There are also lots of options at dollar/craft stores.
  3. Come prepared: We collaborated with Nikki and Garth to ensure they knew what to expect from their session. Dress appropriately, plan for unexpected weather, and bring an emergency make-up kit!



  • Tell us in comments: what locations are meaningful to you and your partner?
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PS. As my camera got soaked and my lenses started resembling snowcones, I remembered why I always carry backup equipment! A session should never be shut down because of equipment failure.

PPS. A heartwarming note from Stephanie and Vincent Dumas about our Lifestyle Sessions:

Dear Ami & Cecily,

We had such a blast working with both of you for our Lifestyle Session on Granville Island. We felt it necessary to write you with our warmest thanks for the outstanding service we received. Communication is key in such a process as capturing those perfect shots, and we felt that you were open to our suggestions as willingly as you gave your own. Your combined knowledge and expertise ensured a fun process and a successful session.

We were particularly impressed with the process of selecting our photos in the comfort of our own home. The context for this procedure allowed us to envision our photographs where they’ll be displayed as well as conveniently scheduling our busy lives!

We are so pleased with how our photographs turned out and will truly treasure them for years to come! The ethic and experience of Ambrosia Photography has made all the difference. We will be sure to recommend Ambrosia Photography to our friends and family and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Thank you again!

Vincent and Stephanie Dumas

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