A New Voice Amongst Vancouver Wedding Photographers

With the flurry of excitement and support surrounding the birth of Ambrosia Photography, this past week has been a rush! Now that the website is up and running, it seems like a good time to get a little more personal!

Our Wedding Photography Gallery

This blog will be a place to exchange ideas and find out what’s new in our professional and personal lives. For those of you who are looking for wedding planning inspiration, we’ll have you covered with tips on wedding vendors, products and ideas.

Call To Action

Now that you know what to expect from us, we have 3 little things to ask of you:

  1. Keep the conversation going! Our blog posts are just the beginning of a discussion.  Voice your thoughts by sharing in comments or sending us an email; we want to hear from you!
  2. Look us up on Facebook and Twitter!
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More coming soon! =)

Ami & Cec
Vancouver Wedding Photographers

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  • Ami Sanyal - Sure Mal—we’d love to talk with both of them about their plans! I’ll send you and email and we can go forward from there.

  • angie - Congratulations to Amrosia Photography!