A Rainy Lifestyle Session in Yaletown: Carrie & Jesse

Carrie and Jesse’s Lifestyle Session took place on a wet May day—but that didn’t stop us from having a ton of fun! As Vancouver-based photographers, we’ve learned to embrace whatever weather comes our way.  Did you know that movie productions actually pay to hose down roads when filming? A wet surface adds visual drama, and a bit of rain gives us this effect for free!  If everyone keeps warm and dry, a rainy day is a perfect environment for unique images.

So, as Jesse took on the task of keeping Carrie warm, we captured some great moments of the two of them together!

While rain is good for atmosphere, it’s always nice to stop somewhere dry! Carrie and Jesse took refuge in a skytrain station, a coffee shop and even a billiards hall. Many of our favorite images are in these locations!

We got a chance to meet Carrie and Jess’ awesome little dog.  This pup’s hard not to love (and he’s got a wicked name)!

Here’s Grimace:

From the first time we met Carrie and Jesse, we could see that their good looks would make for great pictures. Their awesome attitude during their Lifestyle Session has made us even more excited to shoot their wedding in July! =)

To see more images from this Lifestyle Session, check out this slideshow.

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