We’re Pregnant! Play Our Baby Guessing Game (To Win A Prize)

Huge news: Cecily is pregnant with our first child! We thought it would be fun to have our friends, family and readers play a little guessing game. One of you will win a special prize from us.


Watch The Video, Then Cast Your Votes To Win A Prize! 

We’ll announce the winner after the baby is born.

Update: It’s a boy 🙂

The first of many photographs =)

Do you have any advice for a couple of first-timers? Talk to us in the comments section below.

Excitedly yours!

Ami & Cec

PS. We moved back home to Vancouver after 2 years taking photos abroad. We shot the embedded video in our new ‘hood (South Cambie) on a drizzly afternoon. Tons of fun—but can you see how wet we are by the end!?

PPS. In case you are wondering: yes we are photographing weddings this summer (and beyond)! Feel free to get in touch or refer your loved ones our way =)

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  • Cecily Sanyal - Ok it’s time for the mama to weigh in–I think it will be a girl that looks like Ami–so no dimples, dark eyes, and dark skin 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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