FAQ: Why Ambrosia Photography?

As we read through all the great feedback we’ve received this week, we’re noticing a few reoccurring questions. We’ll address a few of these questions in our very first FAQ! We’ll occasionally be post new FAQs to explain exactly how we work and to give you a better picture of what we’re all about.

What’s happening to Ami Sanyal Photography?

Business at Ami Sanyal Photography is very much in full swing—in fact it’s busier than ever! We recommend Ami Sanyal Photography for all your commercial and editorial portrait needs.

Why open a new company while Ami Sanyal Photography is still in operation?

My favorite econ professor used to say, “Specialization is  the key to efficiency.”  Two specialized photo companies means that we’re better equipped to display our work and deliver quality services. Our commercial and editorial clients continue to utilize Ami Sanyal Photography, while our wedding and lifestyle services now fall under Ambrosia Photography.  A dedicated wedding and lifestyle company has been a part of our plan for quite some time, and we’re very excited to realize this goal!

How did you choose the name ‘Ambrosia Photography’?

In Greek mythology ‘Ambrosia’ (the food and drink of the gods) is said to be a source of everlasting life.  We feel that the images we create are immortal windows into the lives of our family, friends and clients.  Within our photographs are powerful moments and emotions suspended in time and cherished for generations.

The word ‘Ambrosia’ also happens to have etymological connections to the name Ami.  Cool, huh?

If you’ve got questions, hit us up in comments or email!

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