Happy First Birthday Tiana!!

In the past four years Cec and I have gained four awesome little nephews and nieces. Today, we get to say happy first birthday to Tiana and introduce you to baby Jenny—the newest member to the family (who is about to turn 1 month old next week)!

From day one Tiana’s had this magnetic personality that makes everyone fall in love with her. It’s been amazing to watch Tiana grow: from learning her first word to taking her first steps! We even got her in front of the lens on more than one occasion for a little baby modelling. Her birthday party was on Saturday so all the cousins got together to celebrate at a park in West Vancouver.

Tiana and Auntie Cec enjoying the sunshine.

Now that Tiana is walking, she likes to go on little adventures. Here she is trying to walk out of the park armed with a plastic spoon.

Tiana loves playing with her cousins Anthony (who recently turned four) and Marie (who is a very rough-and-tumble two year old)!

Tiana didn’t really know what the deal was with the cake (she’d never had any)—but she could tell it was gonna be something exciting when everyone starting singing to her!

Here’s Jenny!

It’s exciting to have Jenny around to watch another brand new personality develop (and compare the differences between her siblings and cousin).

Marie stopped jumping on me long enough for me to get this photo of her. If you look at her eyes you can tell that she and Cec are family.

Some of you guys may remember when I first introduced Tiana here on the blog when she was still in the hospital! Looking back at photos you can see how she’s transformed from a tiny little baby into a chubby little girl with a mind of her own.

July 27, 2010—the day Tiana was born!

Her first week at home. Grandma knitted this little cacoon and toque and Tiana begins her baby-modeling!

Tiana at 5 months. At this point she gained some chubbiness and was learning how to sit like a little monkey. She also became the “Chief Inspiration Officer” for her mom’s new tutu business!

Here she is at seven months doing a little more modelling for the Tutu Mama catalogue.

Happy first birthday Tiana! We love you. A lot.


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PS. For those of you who are curious, Tiana’s first word is “button”—though it ends up sounding more like “uht’nnnn.”

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