In Front Of The Lens: Our Stop-Motion Wedding Invitation


While brainstorming ideas for our wedding, one of the things we wanted was a memorable invitation. Mailed invites can be beautiful, but we were aiming for something as personal and light-hearted as we hoped our wedding would be. After bouncing several ideas around, we decided to create a stop-motion piece that would be featured on a custom-designed wedding website. This would be a fun way to integrate our love for photography in our invitation—and since it would be distributed online, we could minimize our environmental impact (a nice bonus).

If you’re not familiar with stop-motion, it’s an animation technique where you move things very slightly over several photographed frames. Playing the photographs in quick succession creates the illusion of motion (think Pingu). This would be our first attempt at stop-motion, and, just to make it a bit more challenging, we storyboarded the project to be a double stop-motion piece. This entails shooting half the images, developing these and incorporated the prints in a second stop-motion shoot.

After three days in front of our tripoded camera we had created the several hundred frames required for the final product. Our goal was to keep a raw, DIY feel to the video—so most of the images were straight out of camera. A few additional days in iMovie and this is what we came up with (watch at 480p for better quality):

Music Credit: “The Light Is You” by Said the Whale (an indie band from Vancouver)

Looking back we were really pleased with the result! Our guests gave us tons of great feedback and we learned a new skill that we’re eager to continue exploring!

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If you’d like to see an inspiring example of double stop-motion, check out The PEN Story. We’ll be sharing our engagement photos soon—so stay tuned!

PS. The dress at 0:34 is Cecily’s mom’s wedding dress!

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