Meet Our Newest Niece!

Ami’s sister had a baby!

After a long labour, Tiana Jade (we call her Blueberry) was born on Tuesday morning. She’s healthy, hungry and she inherited a mighty set of vocal cords from her parents—and we can’t believe she’s finally here! =)

Here are a few photos we took in the hospital—come back soon to see more!

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  • Asha - She’s soo beautiful. Congrats to you Ami and tell Natty i said heey momma lol

  • Ami Sanyal - Thanks Aisha! I’ll say hullo to both Nat and Tiana for you =)

  • Ron - Lady Popeye in person

  • Natalia - omg…I can’t believe she’s grown up so much and looks so different!! Awww I love these photos. 🙂 That last picture reminds me of how supportive you’ve been from the day she finally decided she had enough of the belly! xox.