North Vancouver Engagement: Nadia and Trevor in Lonsdale Quay

This year is a great one for us: not only did we get to attend Meghan and Chris’ wedding, we also have Nadia and Trevor’s wedding coming up in September. We’ve been close friends with Nadia since eight grade, and we met Trevor on their first date over five years ago! Since then countless board-games nights, parties and camping trips have cemented our love for these two and we’re so excited that they’re going to tie the knot!

We had the pleasure of photographing Nadia and Trevor’s Lifestyle Session in Lonsdale Quay. It was a chilly afternoon but they kept each other warm and were really pleased with the end result. Here are a few of our favourites!

This first photograph is such a beautiful candid moment! We were just getting started and seeing what the scene looked like in our lens and we captured this in a test shot.

I love that they’re not quite kissing in this image. Look at those expressions to see how happy these two are =)

Trevor showing us his pensive side…

…while Nadia shows us her beautiful smile!

That’s Bruno looking coy to the right!

Trevor, Nadia—we’re counting down the days to your big day!


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